• Edith Piaf and Daft Punk: Similarities between Two French Musicians who Succeed in the United States (translated title),” (“Edith Piaf et Daft Punk—Comment ?! Les Similarités de Deux Musiciens Françaises qui sont devenus célèbres aux Etats-Unis” original title). Thesis completed while studying at Université Paris VII — Diderot in 2008.  This paper proposes a five-criteria rubric for musicians to fulfill in order to succeed domestically and transnationally. English synopsis and French full text is now available here.
  • “Snapshots of American Culture: Japanophilia and the Otaku”. This anthology, published in early 2015, is a collection of blog-posts turned case-studies of anime fandom and otaku culture in the USA.  Pulling from the fields of history, sociolinguistics, ethnography, and gender and media studies, this mosaic traces emerging trends to extrapolate a functional analysis of current transnational trends and telegraphs these trends into a viability assessment for future art on the global market. It is available on Amazon here.