About this Blog

Soft Power Punch is a blog focusing on the intersection of art, culture, and politics. Entries will range from fan fiction litigation news to gender politics, from generational changes to transnational media analysis.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are categorized by subjects. To navigate these subjects, click on the heading of interest located in the box in the right-side column of each page, or in the second box in the footer-navigation on the bottom of each page.

  • There are four subcategories for analyses on different types of art: music, television and film, theater and live performance art (which includes dance), writing and literature.
  • This blog is produces in the US with a USian perspective. As I have an academic and field study background in both Europe and Asia, my analysis relating to those areas are linked into subject headings as well.
  • There are three miscellaneous categories: current events (i.e. news reactions and editorials), presentations, and public speaking announcements.


  • The “Homepage” of Soft Power Punch is a scrolling of the most recently published blog articles.
  • There are two pages relating my biographical, professional, and academic background to qualify the analysis offered here.
    • My CV as a Transnational Trend Analyst, demonstrating my competencies, background, and experience in international studies is included for reference.
    • My Musical Resume summarizes the scope and breadth of my experience as both a performer and an instigator of choral groups.
  • (Currently under construction) My Transnational Trends pages collates relevant blog posts for ease of tracking international and global trends as they emerge and evolve.
  • Publications and Papers” is a comprehensive list of all my published non-fiction works.

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