Transnational Media Analyst CV

Curriculum Vitae for M. Jean

M. Jean, 金 美丽 (Jin Meili), “M.J.”

Areas of Interest
Education (including Certifications, Publication, Awards/Honors, and Relevant Coursework)
Publication (post-graduation, as an independent scholar)
Presentations and Public Speaking Appearances (post-graduation)
Employment and Experience
Language Competencies

Areas of Interest:

      • Soft power influence on international relations
      • Transnational Art (especially narrative-based media)
      • User-Created Content and the decentralization of public perception vehicles


      • Degree and Certifications:
        • University of Massachusetts Amherst: Cum Laude, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
        • University of Massachusetts Amherst: Minors in French, German, and Modern European Studies
        • Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Tübingen, Germany: Intercultural Communication Certificate
        • Smith College, Northampton, MA: Goethe Institute German Certification
        • Five College Consortium, Amherst, MA: International Relations Certificate
      • Academic Publication:
        • Université Paris VII — Diderot : Thesis- “Edith Piaf et Daft Punk—Comment ?! Les Similarités de Deux Musiciens Françaises qui sont devenus célèbres aux Etats-Unis”
        • English synopsis: In “Edith Piaf and Daft Punk: Similarities between Two French Musicians who Succeed in the United States,” I examine the qualitative similarities consistent between a singer of post-WWII Paris and the electronic dance music forerunning band Daft Punk to extrapolate a qualitative list of five complex criteria for a musician to be success in their home country and transnationally.
      • Awards and Honors
        • Graduated Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.4, University of Massachusetts (2010)
        • State of Baden-Württemberg Academic Fellow (2009)
        • Mezzo-soprano in the prestigious Parisian Chœurs et Orchestres des Grandes Écoles (2008)
        • University of New Orleans Chorale Fellowship (2003-2004)
      • Relevant Coursework to Transnational Media Analysis:
        • Southwestern University for Nationalities, Chengdu, China (2010):
          • Xi’an Field Study – Study culminated in a paper utilizing Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) art pieces, especially mirrors, to “reflect” values that harmonize both with the ancient people’s culture as well as modern Chinese attitudes and springboarding into their appeal to the global community.
          • Chinese Economy
          • Chinese (Mandarin) Language Study
          • Sichuan Cuisine
          • Tai Chi (audit)
        • Universität Stuttgart: State of Baden-Württemberg Academic Fellow (2009)
          • Privat Actuere in “Global Governance” (Private Players in Global Governance, conducted in German)
          • Communication Interculturelle (Intercultural Communication class, conducted in French)
          • Culture et Société (Culture and Society French language class)
          • The Phenomenon of America’s Splintering Culture: This US American studies course culminated in a paper exploring the argument that the legal battle behind the musical practice of sampling is a public and legal manifestation of cultural and racial tensions in the USA.
        • Université Paris VII — Diderot (2008)
          • Les Relations Franco-Americaines de la 20e Siècle (20th Century Franco-American Relations)
          • Lycée Internship: Teaching adjunct for an English class at the prestigious Fénélon academy in Paris.
          • Thèmes : French to English Translation
          • Institutions Européenes: political science course inspecting the various definitions of “European” including the Schengen area, the EU, and the Eurozone.
          • Migrations et Mondialisation (Migration and Globalization): Euro- and Middle East-centric political science course examining the cultural, economic, and foreign relation ramifications of legal and illegal immigration/emigration.
        • University of Massachusetts Amherst (2006-2008)
          • African and Franco-Caribbean Film
          • Reading German Culture
          • History, Culture, and Spirituality Field Study: This was an integrated academic course and remote field study of the history, culture, and spirituality of the New Orleans area pre- and post-Katrina. The field study included working with local organizations to repair houses and the as well as municipality system. The course culminated in comprehensive term papers. In 2007 I was a participant and assistant team leader. In 2008 I was a team leader and taught the 2-hour pre-departure, weekly seminar.
          • International Relations
          • Political Economy of Development
          • French Civilisation outside of France (conducted in French)
          • American Foreign Policy
          • Government and Politics of East Africa
          • Social Welfare Policy (Regional, Domestic, and International)
          • International Environmental Politics and Policies
          • World Politics
          • Europe Since 1815 (Honors History)
        • Bryn Mawr College (2004-2005)
          • Religion, Sexuality, and the Power of Music
          • Philosophy of Social Science
          • Social Inequality
          • Introduction to Anthropology
          • Comparative Government and Politics
        • University of New Orleans (2003-2004)
          • Introduction to Sociology
          • Classical Greece: Literature and Culture (Honors)

Publications (post-graduate, as an independent scholar)

      • Anime Culture and Otaku in America: Case Studies of the Influence of Japanese Pop Media on the USA and Emerging Transnational Trends (2015) This anthology is a collection of blog-posts turned case-studies of anime fandom and otaku culture in the USA.  Pulling from the fields of history, sociolinguistics, ethnography, and gender and media studies, this mosaic traces emerging trends to extrapolate a functional analysis of current transnational trends and telegraphs these trends into a viability assessment for future art on the global market.
      • Soft Power Punch (2013- ongoing) An independently-published blog used to publish analysis of transnational media, archive news articles of relevance to international relations, and track developing global art trends.

Presentations and Public Speaking Appearances (post-graduation)  

      • “Hamilton as Multigenerational Dialogue,” PALM Center, Ardmore, Pennsylvania (April 14, 2016)
      • “Harry Potter According to Fan Fiction,” Zenkaikon, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (April 3, 2016)
      • “Technology and Morality in Maze Runner: WCKD is Good,” Zenkaikon, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (April 3, 2016)
      • “How Fan Fiction is Changing the World,” Zenkaikon, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (April 1, 2016)
      • “How Fan Fiction is Changing the World,”  Anime Boston (New England Anime Society annual convention), Boston, Massachusetts (March 26, 2016)
      • “Disappearing Women: Tracing Women’s Gender Roles through US and Japanese TV Media (updated),” Anime Boston (New England Anime Society annual convention), Boston, Massachusetts (March 25, 2016)
      • “Localisation vs. Translation: The Debate on the Americanization of Anime,” Anime Boston (New England Anime Society annual convention), Boston, Massachusetts (March 25, 2016)
      • “Writing Fan Fiction: From Grassroots Literary Movement to Mainstream Commercial Success,” Philadelphia Free Library, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (March 19, 2016)
      • “The Changing Face of Anime: The Future of the Anime Industry,” guest panelist, Philadelphia Science Fiction Society Annual Conference, Cherry Hill, New Jersey (November 21, 2015)
      • “Disappearing Women: Tracing Women’s Gender Roles through US and Japanese TV Media (updated),” Philadelphia Science Fiction Society Annual Conference, Cherry Hill, New Jersey (November 21, 2015)
      • “The Influence of Fan Culture on Media Content” episode from Temple TV series Media Inside Out. Guest speaker alongside Dr. Hector Postigo for panel of experts on fan fiction and fan culture in the US. (April 6, 2015)
      • “Dark Pasts, Bright Futures: Tracing US-Japanese Relations through Film from World War II to Present,” Foundations of Anime Series, Boston, Massachusetts. (April 4, 2015)
      • “Introduction to Transnational Media,” Foundations of Anime Series, Boston, Massachusetts. (April 4, 2015)
      • “Otaku Anthropology,” Foundations of Anime Series, Boston, Massachusetts. (April 3, 2015)
      • “The Global Yaoi Phenomenon,” Foundations of Anime Series, Boston, Massachusetts. (April 4, 2015)
      • “The Politics of Bravely Default [Japanese RPG videogame],” Zenkaikon, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (March 28, 2015)
      • “Dark Pasts, Bright Futures: Tracing US-Japanese Relations through Film from WWII to Present,” Zenkaikon, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (March 29, 2015)
      • “The Global Yaoi Phenomenon,” Zenkaikon, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (March 28, 2015)
      • “Introduction to Transnational Media,” Otakon Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada (January 16, 2015)
      • “The Global Yaoi Phenomenon,” Otakon Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada (January 17, 2015)
      • “The Politics of Bravely Default,” Otakon Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada (January 17, 2015)
      • “Intro to Josei,” Otakorp Annual Conference, Baltimore, Maryland (August 8, 2014)
      • “Introduction to Fan Fiction,” Otakorp Annual Conference, Baltimore, Maryland (August 9, 2014)
      • “Disappearing Women: Tracing Women’s Gender Roles through US and Japanese TV Media,” Zenkaikon, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (April 26, 2014)
      • “Introduction to Fan Fiction,” Zenkaikon, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (April 27, 2014)
      • “Combating Otaku Stigma Workshop,” Zenkaikon, Lancaster, Pennsylvania  (April 27, 2014)
      • “Introduction to Fan Fiction,” Anime Boston (New England Anime Society annual convention), Boston, Massachusetts (March 23, 2014)
      • “Disappearing Women: Tracing Women’s Gender Roles through Japanese and American TV Media,” Otakon Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada (January 3,  2014)
      • “Introduction to Fan Fiction,” Otakon Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada (January 4, 2014)
      • “Combating Otaku Stigma, or Why We Will Rule the World seminar” Otakon Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada (January 4, 2014)

Employment and Experience:

Chief Administrative Officer and Co-founder, Philadelphia Free Writers Association, Philadelphia, PA (2013-present)

      • Manage the operations of the Association, including end-to-end marketing, promotion, and planning of over 150 high-quality events since our launch in January of 2015; optimize the budget and fundraise.
      • Manage a community of over 500 Philadelphia area writers, providing opportunities and relevant resources on a daily basis.
      • Recruit speakers and members of the Association via networking with local publishers, libraries, academic programs, and writing groups.
      • Act as convener of information from our network relevant to our association members: collating and publishing a monthly google calendar of local writing events and disseminating information on updates of resources to our membership via the website’s blog.

Live Programming Assistant Head, Zenkaikon, Lancaster, PA (2013-present)

      • Liaise with communications department, scheduling department, and over 125 speakers to execute more than forty hours of simultaneous live programming in six rooms at the annual convention.
      • Assist department head with panel and workshop selection, scheduling, logistics, equipment management, set up/tear down, and feedback from staff and members to produce a high-quality live programming, which is ranked second most important offering of the convention by our members.
      • Collaborate with other members of executive leadership to improve the operations and offerings of the convention, increasing the draw and membership. Since joining the organization in 2013, we have achieved a 70% net growth of membership, from 3,376 in 2013 to 5,759 in 2016.
      • Manage and train department staff, overseeing shifts of eight to twelve staffers.
      • Utilize and update shared Google Drive (including spreadsheets, documents, and presentations,) page, Forums, Website, Social Media, and GroupMe texting app to maintain a clean and uniform distribution of information to relevant parties within and external to the organization.

Social Media Manager, PALM Community Center for Positive Aging, Ardmore, PA (2013 to present)

      • Develop, maintain, and regularly renovate the Facebook page, WordPress blog, Google for Business (formerly known as Google+,) and Google Calendar to publicize the Center’s events, resources, and activities.
      • Stay apprised of and utilize approximately a dozen local tools and community networks to reach prospective members and partners. These include the Lower Merion Community Network, the Ardmore Initiative, PATCH, and Meetup groups.
      • Coordinate with Director of Programming, the Homepage Webmaster, and the author/collator of the monthly newsletter to maintain information consistency across platforms. Collaborate with the Digital Branding Committee to develop new marketing initiative to support featured programming.
      • Present a review of social media’s effectiveness and reach on a bimonthly basis to the Board of Directors and the Executive Director.

Creative Writing Teacher (2012 to present)

      • Conduct bi-weekly creative writing classes and design all material and curriculum for the mixed skill, English ability, and experience level of students. Our class currently has students from three different continents.
      • Plan and execute regular events to promote the creative writing program and center itself to the public. A few examples of the these events include: “Stories of our Fathers” interviews, “StoryCorps” oral history audio-recording sessions, International Day of Peace poetry compositions and recitations, and a creative writing class with Bryn Mawr College students featuring an adaptation of Dr. Jane McGonigal’s “Bounce” videogame to collaboratively compose poetry across generations.
      • Empower students to pursue local and national opportunities for publication. Over 60% of the students have published or are in preparation to publish.

Community Manager and Event Planner, National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo), Greater Philadelphia Region (August 2012 to August 2015)

      • In 2012 I spearheaded a small team that was appointed to organize the region. My leadership style and networking within our small community lead to an exponential increase in volunteer-run programming during my tenure: from 10 events in 2011 to 104 events in 2013 (in the six-week “writing season.”)
      • In our first year, I and a co-leader began the PhillyWrimos Facebook group, Twitter, and Google Calendar. From 2013-2014, I was the region’s primary social media manager, and my content drove the Facebook online community to grow to nearly 500 likes. During this same period, our region saw a boom of online registrants, from 780 in 2012 to 7,524 in 2014 according to posted statistics on the national website.
      • My social media campaigns and grassroots promotion of events as well as my team leadership skills has lead to an increase in participant turnout by approximately 20% on average to Nanwrimo events.
      • As Philadelphia Municipal Liaison to Nanowrimo HQ, I facilitated region-wide communication via national-site-sponsored forums and the email listserv, and was responsible for answering all local members’ emails in a timely, professional manner, referring them to the appropriate organization official when necessary.

Cultural Ambassador, Deutsch‑Amerikanisches Institut, Tübingen, Germany (2009)

      • Completed intercultural training and was certified in intercultural communication and exchange.
      • Contacted and collaborated with local English teachers to arrange a school visit and day of cultural exchange.
      • Designed and conducted lessons on regional linguistic (and therefore cultural) differences within the English language, tailored for two classes of 25 15-17 year olds with basic English level ability.

High School Teaching Assistant, Fénélon Academy, Paris, France 2008

      • Facilitated a political campaign class project for students based on the contemporary US presidential elections.
      • Designed and lead a class period on technological vocabulary utilizing pop music as a learning tool.
      • Provided small group and one-on-one tutoring to approximately 30 high school students on English language pronunciation and elocution.
      • Aided with the design of weekly written and listening exercises for three different levels of English classes.

Alternative Spring Break Program Co-leader, University of Massachusetts, 2007-2008

      • Taught a weekly, two hour anthropology seminar on  the “History, Culture, and Spirituality” of New Orleans; graded homework assignments and final term paper for twelve undergraduate students.
      • Lead the class of students on a 10 day, community service and field study trip to New Orleans, Louisiana.
      • Coordinated with 15 other co-leaders and the program administrator to plan, fundraise, and execute the alternative spring break program.

Language Competencies:

      • Advanced Proficiency French and German
      • Basic Notions Mandarin Chinese

References: contact and personal information upon request

      • Dr. S. A. previous President of the Board of Directors, Palm Center for Positive Aging
      • S.S Executive Director, Palm Center for Positive Aging
      • L.C. Editor in Chief, Crimson Melodies Publisher
      • S.J. Live Programming Department Head, Zenkaikon