“The Queen’s Choice” Debacle: A Collision of Politics and Romance

On June 4, 2021, the company that runs the videogame “Love and Producer” ( “恋与制作人”, known in the US as “Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice”) fired principal voice actor Jonah Scott (also from Netflix’s “The Way of the Househusband”) in retaliation to a tweet he made on his personal account. The tweet, which was deleted shortly after it was posted, simply declared that Taiwan was a country, voicing a position contrary to the Chinese government’s stance of Taiwan being one of its provinces.

Not only has Scott been fired, but the company has pulled all the audio files which he has performed from the franchise, and are promising to re-release it with a new English-speaking voice actor. It is telling that the company is taking such a harsh stance, especially since Mr. Scott’s performance is for the English language version of the game, and thus targeting international audiences.

Even with the franchise’s bourgeoning popularity, having produced an animated television adaptation of the game last year, finding a replacement prove to be challenging, with current game English voice actors Sean Chiplock and Joe Zieja promising to no longer do any work on the franchise while Scott’s termination stands. Similarly, another voice actor from the show, Darrel J. Delfin, stated that he didn’t understand why Scott was terminated for “stating a fact.” (Source: Anime News Network)

This also doubles down on Scott’s initial statement, which, if ignored by the company, would’ve been lost in a news cycle, but now, with the retaliation in affect, is invigorating the awareness and support for the Taiwanese independence movement.

Promotional image for the mobile game “Love and Producer”

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