Mona Haydar’s hijabi empowerment rap goes viral despite military attacks

Tumblr is exploding with clips from a pop rap song with lyrics that invoke women’s empowerment and global sisterhood by Mona Haydar,  a Syrian-American who first attracted international attention in 2015 with her “Ask a Muslim” interviews. “Wrap my Hijab” is an anthem for unity and women’s empowerment, the chorus empowers “women [of] every shading,” while the final verse joins together “Somalis,” “Iraqis,” “Punjabis,” “Egyptians, Canadians, and Americans” who still “wrap [their] hijabs.”

While tumblr  and social media are particularly resonate on the “make a feminist planet” soundbite and the lyrics pack a positive and uplifting refreshment, the grating zurna accompaniment may be a barrier from this tune ever getting radio play or breakthrough popularity. On the other hand, this video being released shortly before the US attacks on Syria may elevate the anthem to new levels as the American people call for peace.



Read more about Mona Haydar and her new single:


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