Update: Terrorism in Europe

Less than a week after James Taylor’s Facebook cry for European solidarity against terrorism, we see another terrorist attack on European soil. This time it takes place in Brussels. This time we have social media mobilisation, hashtags, as well as visible shows of support from Downing Street to the Elysee Palace.

I, personally, have received information that the Turkish government has cracked down on its citizens’ reporting of terrorist attacks and that many people there are organizing and spreading information of how to post Facebook and other social media reports from foreign IPs. I’ve not seen reports of such nature in the Associated Press. If you see something, feel free to forward it to me.


Link: “Downing Street Raises Belgium flag and we tweet for Brussels, but where was this sympathy after Ankara? Our indifference is fuelling organisations like ISIS” http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/downing-street-raises-the-belgian-flag-and-we-tweet-for-brussels-but-where-was-this-sympathy-after-a6946271.html

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