Upcoming Public Speaking Engagements

Spring is going to be busy.

Saturday, March 19th, Philadelphia :

  •  “Writing Fan Fiction: From Literary Grassroots Movement to Mainstream Commercial Success” Link to FB event here Fan fiction has influenced every aspect of popular culture and pop media. We’ll trace the development of modern-day fan fiction from its inception in mailed-out zines of the 1970s to contemporary international distribution via crowd-publishing websites carrying works to millions of readers every day. Authors—from the published professional to the enthusiastic novice— increasingly use fan fiction to market themselves and their works, following the trend of several breakout fanfic writers receiving six-figure book deals, as well as movie and television contracts. Come learn how creating fan fiction can improve your writing, expand the reach of your readership, and help you market yourself as an author.

Friday, March 25-27, Boston: 

  • “How Fan Fiction is Changing the World” Link to event posting here Intercultural analyst and creative writing teacher M. Jean will introduce fan fiction, explain how to read it, write it, publish it, and celebrate it. We will explore how fan fiction is changing media, communities, consumers, as well as the producers of our favorite stories. (Spoiler: Even if you’ve never heard of fan fiction, it has effected you!)
  • “Disappearing Women: Tracing Feminine Gender Roles through US and Japanese Television Media” Link to event posting here In Japanese popular culture, we are presented with both ultra-progressive and ultra-conservative women’s gender roles. Comparing US television with Japanese shows including Ouran High School, Junjou Romantica, and more, we will discover trends, deduce their larger meanings, and celebrate why we love these shows.
  • ” Localisation vs Translation:The Debate on the Americanization of Anime” Link to event posting here. What is the difference between localisation and translation? Where should we draw the line with the “Americanization” of Japanese anime? This program will be a short academic presentation followed by guided audience debate.

Friday, April 1-3, Lancaster, PA: (information to be updated as it is made public by Zenkaikon)

  • “Morality and Technology in Maze Runner: WCKD is Good”
  • “How Fan Fiction is Changing the World”
  • “Harry Potter According to Fan Fiction”

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