Choirlogue: 2nd rehearsal


Our choir’s size is noticeably smaller than last season, possible due to the weather, but I speculate it’s due to the choice of music. Tonight, I had very few fellow Alto II’s, and my normal comrades in arms were absent as well.

This piece requires a type of energy put into it. You have to make it entertaining, it won’t do otherwise. I did get a stink eye from a fellow alto after having too much fun with “joyful produce.” (Come on, guys, we’re singing about vegetables. VEGETABLES!) There’s also some fun to be had with the bawdy lyric “push it, pull it,” but apparently only a handful of us get the hidden subtext.

I remember singing Hadyn’s Creation in 2010 at Upenn. It has a similar grandeur I can appreciate, but the musical setting and style doesn’t align with my more modern conceptions and tastes for choral pieces. I will definitely need to listen to a recording to get the tonal progressions in my head.

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