I’m an Otakon Las Vegas panelist!

I recently was informed that three of my four submissions for presentations at Otakon LV were accepted. I’ll be creating and posting links for some survey monkey questionnaires to gather some information from you fine people to help with the research.

My accepted topics are:

Disappearing Women: Tracing Women’s Roles from Yaoi to Reverse Harem and Beyond Is yaoi more than a guilty pleasure? Does every girl dream of being surrounded by bishounen men? In Asian popular culture, we are presented with both ultra-progressive and ultra-conservative women’s gender roles. Looking at OuranHigh School, Junjou Romantica, Cafe Prince, and more, we will discover trends, deduce their larger meanings, and celebrate why we love these shows.

Combating Otaku Stigma, or Why we will Rule the World International analyst and intercultural trainer M.L. Jean will educate and empower members of Otakorp on how being an Otaku makes us more open minded, more flexible, and better global citizens, as well as smarter and better looking than non-otaku. Learn what to say when your friends say anime is “weird,” or that Japanese culture is “gross.” Jean’s presentation will be followed by a Q&A session and round-table discussion of what it means to be an Otaku and how we can fight the negative connotations of that identity.

Sing-a-long Hour “Gotta catch ’em all”? “She is the one-Sailor Moon!” and “…ira vehementi Sephiroth!” song leader Jean will host an hour of AMVs with lyrics for us all to sing our favorite songs. Informative tidbits will be presented about the songs, and there will be a trivial contest complete with prize! Come in and sing!



Waitlisted topic: (I’m going to request that it be changed to “An Intro to Publishing Fan Fiction,” since I already gave 1/2 of a talk about that subject, and it would be easy to add more to those notes.)

An Introduction to Fan Fiction:  I will introduce fan fiction, explain how to read it, write it, publish it, and celebrate it. We will explore how fan fiction is changing communities and consumers, as well as the producers of our favorite stories. Whether you are a newbie to the world of fan fiction, or you’ve been shipping since Sailor Moon, this panel has something for you!



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